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Smart Funnel

Smart Funnel

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Best, Easiest, and Cleanest Funnel on the Market!!!

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Reduce mess

Thanks to the Smart Funnel double-walled ventilation system, you can always expect an effortless, spill-free flow.

preserve excess liquid

Locking mechanism preserves excess liquid to put back in the original container.

Measure liquids, powders and more

Measure liquids and powders easily right in the funnel for a quick kitchen experience!

smart funnel

The Mess-Free, Spill-Proof Solution
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Never use a traditional funnel again.

The Smart Funnel’s double-walled construction allows air to escape as you pour, making your pour fast, without the mess or overfilling. You don’t even have to lift or move the funnel! When full, click the locking mechanism to carry excess liquid back to the original container without spilling.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

If you don’t find the Smart Funnel to be the easiest, cleanest, fastest way to pour liquids and powders, get a FULL refund.

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The kitchen

Use with oils, liquids, powders and more!

the garage

Use with motor oil, any type of automotive fluid and more!


Use with laundry detergents, hand soaps, dish soaps and more!

and Environmentally Friendly!

Reduce pollution put into the world with Smart Funnel thanks to the mess-free features. Prevent spilling and over-filling so that NO chemicals pollute the environment.

Used and loved by chefs and mechanics!

Used and loved by chefs and mechanics!

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BPA Free

Food Safe

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No need for a measuring cup!

Simply measure & pour with ease.


“I never used a funnel until now because it always made a bigger mess. Now I use the Smart Funnel almost every day all throughout my home and at work."

Jacquelyn C.

“With the Smart Funnel, I’m able to do more car maintenance on my own without spilling, saving hundreds of dollars a year compared to going to the mechanic for simple jobs.”

Brad G.

"The Smart Funnel doubles as a measuring cup for me when I'm cooking, and I'm not wasting anything!"

Joy S.