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Speeding Up Sales
In today’s market, B2B buyers are in an all-fired-up hurry to get your Product and Price info, then move at their own pace to closure, often leaving sellers in the dark on their buying intentions. This is a problem for sales organizations, limiting their visibility into specific deals and wreaking havoc with sales forecasts. View this webinar and hear how you can become deeply involved in your buyer’s “internal proposal”, learning how to craft proposals that close faster and are nearly impossible for prospects to refuse.

Also, new Tools for forecasting B2B sales are discussed, and why they should replace older tools.

As an executive or sales leader in your organization, this webinar will give you actionable information.


Sales and the CEO
C-level executives and Sales VPs have a relationship that’s unequal in many ways. The CEO puts faith in sales’ ability to bring in revenue, which can lead to friction if they have just one bad quarter. Some CEOs will put their Sales VP on the defensive, arguing that “accountability” is essential.

Is that fair, considering that some CEOs have never worked in sales?

This webinar presented by SmartFunnel’s Peter Fillmore to find out how to involve the C-suite so you’re not the only one responsible for revenue.


Fixing the Sales Forecast
Improving your “Forecasting Process” is a sharp corner and many CEOs and Sales managers get propelled off the road into the ditch. Pressing salespeople for “confidence level” or “% probability” is the wrong thing to focus on – probability percentage estimates tend to ratchet upwards, leading to an inflated forecast.

The next step in critical thinking is outlined in this webinar – we need to look at the soft data that reflects customer views of buying approval progress.

So what does “soft data” mean, and how does it lead to a better forecasting solution? Watch this webinar and find out.
Lead Generation
The “search economy” is real, right? So, do B2B buyers “search” for your B2B products and solutions? Maybe yes, maybe no.
Here’s a better question:    “Is your buyer in the search economy?”, and the answer is YES. Every consumer market is now affected by web search behaviour. Every business person is also a consumer, so they know how to search – and there begins an interesting tale – a predictive tale of the impact web search will have on your business.
Is this important to you? In this webinar we lay out the foundation ideas for turning your website into a lead generation machine.

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