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Did you know you are reading a Top 50 Sales Management blog?

A message arrived in November from Docurated, a New York based firm that reviewed blogs in sales and revenue management. They commented, “We’ve searched the far corners of the web to unearth some of the most helpful, informative, and insightful sales management blogs…50 blogs we think are highly valuable reads for sales managers who want to be the best in their fields.” And we made the list!

Yes, this SmartFunnel blog was selected for their Top 50 Sales Management blog list. They cited specific posts as having strong value for readers, as follows:

Many well-known companies earned their way onto the list, including Sandler, Dale Carnegie, and Miller Heiman.

Also – several excellent smaller companies we know were selected as well. These include:  revenue + associates (Boston) and Peak Sales Recruiting (Ottawa).

We are contacting some of these companies for our new “Interview series”, starting with Louis Gudema, founder and president of revenue+associates. The interview with Louis went well, and can be found here .

Check out the complete list in the Top 50 Sales Management Blogs post here.

We appreciate receiving this selection, and want to thank all you readers for joining us.  Sales management is a truly demanding profession, and there are many veterans out there producing content you can learn from.  In our case, we believe in “constant learning” and are even thinking of changing this blog’s name to “constant learning letter.” Comments are welcome.

Coincidentally, we are expanding our focus, to include inbound marketing as well as sales management. Today’s prospect is much more educated that ever, and we now see Sales funnels as “Revenue funnels”. Quite a few website driven details determine your speed and success. That includes the whole funnel, with lead generation, lead qualification, prospect management and nurturing, and sales management and coaching.  There are a few of you out there who manage both sales and marketing. Please share one or two of your challenges – and we’ll bring some new ideas for a whole funnel solution.


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