Peter Fillmore

Peter Fillmore, President

With a passion for revenue generation in B2B sales and marketing, Peter is a Co-founder, works directly with customers, and leads the SmartFunnel team in planning of products, partnerships and professional services. His B2B sales and marketing began at IBM Data Processing division, and includes work with many smaller firms, an 18-year consulting practice, and over 80 published articles on revenue generation methods. His work in sales engagement techniques inspires our Webinars (Resources tab) – describing techniques to generate a 200%+ increase in sales, and predictive models to enable forecast accuracy approaching 100%.


Peter Hanschke

Peter Hanschke, Director Product Management

Peter Hanschke has over 20 years experience in product management, product marketing and marketing with many software companies in the industry, including Kinaxis, JetForm, Gallium Software and others. As Director of Product Management, Peter helps SmartFunnel define its product strategy and implement processes to execute on the strategy – including determination of market trends and needs, articulation of the value proposition, competitive analysis, and alignment of the team to deliver products which will delight our customers and meet their needs through successfully addressing our opportunities in the marketplace.


Rainer Paduch

Rainer Paduch, CTO

As CTO, Rainer is architecting the SmartFunnel service to support worldwide operations. His past experience includes numerous technology leadership and senior management roles in companies such as Newbridge, Fonorola, Mitel, Systemhouse and Canadian Marconi. Subsequent to that he was founder of iSTAR Internet Inc. He continues to be heavily involved in the domain of web-enabled services as the industry evolves. Rainer is active as a Director or Chair of several other technology companies, and has also served the industry as a venture partner at Novacap, a Montreal-based venture capital firm.


David Patte

David Patte, Co-founder & Software Architect 

As Software Architect and Development Lead, David brings over 20 years of experience at understanding user requirements and translating them into software facilities that provide a robust and highly responsive user experience. His expertise at Web application development is particularly valuable to SmartFunnel users, blending a careful selection of programming, database and platform tools and strategies to produce a  market-leading solution. David has contributed to various companies in North America and overseas, including key roles at Nortel and AES Data, as well as his long-standing software design consultancy.


Dan Davis

Dan Davis, Co-founder & Manager, Customer Care and Support 

As Manager of Customer Care and Support, Dan Davis brings over 15 years of supporting B2B teams in sales and revenue delivery, including CRM systems, websites, and sales operations. His role includes feeding design ideas into the SmartFunnel software team, bringing his keen eye to the details of making a sales team happier and more productive. His experience includes senior sales support positions at Time MCI and Glentel. Dan is also an avid photographer. In addition, he is an expert wireless video specialist, with notable credentials at major events, including the Olympics, the Super Bowl and Canada’s Grey Cup game.


Chris Biber

Chris Biber, Advisor Market Development

Chris is an award-winning marketer with over 20 years experience in International Sales, Business Development and Senior Marketing roles. As founder and CEO of SearchingWorks Inc., he serves organizations throughout North America on the successful implementation of cost-effective digital marketing strategies. Chris has won a series of Marketing awards such as the Cisco Growing With Technology Award and has been featured in industry publications such as MarketingSherpa. Prior to founding SearchingWorks, Chris held senior market development positions at Pronexus, Corel Corporation, Databeacon and other companies.

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