Stage Definitions – Mapping actions against buy cycles

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Stage definitions for visual sales progress tracking

Map sales actions against expected buy cycles in SmartFunnel 2.0 with Stage Definitions. Customize “StageDefs” for your business. Progress at each Stage is shown with nifty colored dots as shown here. The “click to advance” user interface makes it easy to keep your funnel up to date. You’ll see this in your Deals list once you have entered some progress data. Also, you can have our support team upload a small set of demo data.

The result is a picture of sales progress that we call the pulse of sales – or “Sales Equity”. This is a consolidated view of the estimated value of sales actions, as % Progress for the funnel. See your trend line for Sales Equity, which is a leading indicator of your future sales.

Multiple custom Stage Definitions – for your different Deal Types

Set up multiple different sale types in your Funnel using StageDefs. There are several reasons to do this – e.g. when you are selling:

  • both Products and Services – with different sales tools and approaches
  • an initial New Opportunity, then selling Add-ons, or smaller product sales within that customer or opportunity. Put pinpoint follow up dates into your SmartFunnel sales calendar
  • a mixture of Legacy products (in an established category) and new Innovation products (in a new category) – with different sales and market entry approaches
  • partnerships, where there are multiple outside teams to influence, and multiple types of Partners or Partnerships

SmartFunnel 2.0 stage definitions are easily customized. No technical support is required. Sales Managers can update quickly, for rapid response to marketplace learning. Overall, this system enables continuous sales cycle improvement.

Also, stage definitions are divided into 3 sub-stages, providing a couple of benefits:

  • better tracking of the subtleties of Deal Progress to identify possible failure risks and next actions, and
  • a Progress scoring framework that is more granular. More accurate Sales Forecasting is now possible, as compared to common % probability estimates

Contact for more information or assistance. Use SmartFunnel 2.0 stage definitions for your own brand of sales innovation.

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