SmartFunnel for Owners

Escape from spreadsheets. Focus on sales.


Inspired by the critical value of finding information exactly when you need it, SmartFunnel is a lightning-fast sales interaction manager for your small business.


What can you do with SmartFunnel?

Get an Assistant: MyWeek tells you what’s next
Staying on top of action items for all prospects can be complicated. MyWeek gives you peace of mind, notifying you of top priorities for the week, month, or quarter – including emails, calls, meetings, commitments and deadlines.

Keep track of your interactions
Prospect information is typically distributed across email, cell phones, notebooks, spreadsheets and your memory. SmartFunnel allows you to simply capture your email conversations with prospects and easily consolidate notes from phone calls and meetings.

Monitor your funnel’s health
Sales funnels can contain A LOT of data, and spotting critical insights can be difficult. SmartFunnel gives you one consolidated view of your entire sales funnel, indicating the health of each deal. You can quickly explore and analyze your funnel, diving deeper into deals to learn more.

Perfect your sales playbooks and drive more sales
As your sales process evolves, SmartFunnel’s customizable sales playbook system lets you implement your sales tactics and improve them over time. You can create multiple deal types to support multiple product lines and different phases of building your business.

Onboard quickly and focus on selling
Getting up to speed with SmartFunnel and getting back to selling is painless. Simply Import your contacts and their information, and notes into SmartFunnel and then implement your sales playbook. If you need help, we’re there for you.


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