Clear Forecasting, based on earned value, without guesswork

forecasting with confidence

Whether you manage sales, finance or are a company’s CEO, you need visibility on revenue that’s in the sales pipeline. What you don’t need are inflated forecasts that you must discount before you can put any trust in them. Any kind of bias on a forecast is unhealthy, and over time it erodes trust and accountability.

SmartFunnel is a sophisticated foundation for your company’s forecasting needs, without the hassles and complexity of spreadsheets. Using visual techniques that indicate forward-looking revenues over time (gross value, and/or weighted by your customized progress scoring), it is a valuable toolkit for giving management numbers they can rely on. The opportunity summary can be presented in multiple formats – as a Sales Pipeline (6 months) or as a Sales Planning grid (12-24 months).


Know Where You Stand

Deal Stage Progress
Achieve real progress; using deal stages built by top sales gurus.

Once SmartFunnel starts logging sales activities, it analyzes and adjusts the earned value the deal represents. Every update you make that takes a deal further along through the stages, the deal’s value grows.

earnings forecasting

Tighter Confidence On Incoming Cash.

Find out the rolled-up value of all your opportunities. Find out whether you have enough revenue at each stage or whether there are funnel gaps that you need to work on.

Maintain Trust, Foster Teamwork

Other departments get view into sales forecasting

Give other corporate resources a window into what’s coming.

SmartFunnel’s web dashboard with a 30-60-90 day chart lets your proposal writers, sales engineers and operations staff drill down on upcoming deals to gauge demands on resources or identify potential bottlenecks.

Sales Forecast Chart

Have confidence in forward-looking reports you give to executives.

SmartFunnel gives executives a dashboard that displays the volume of deals that lie ahead. Have confidence in revenue forecasting, while replacing spreadsheets and big headaches trying to roll up sales forecast data into a corporate summary.

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