Data for Managing Revenue, Sales Coaching

Reinforce Your Sales Coaching; See Your Process In Action

A one-stop reporting and coaching tool, our software cuts down time spent pulling basic field data from team members, letting you & your reps focus on buyers. Teams of all sizes can drill down on people or deals to get actionable data.

Sales Managers Coaching

SmartFunnel backs up the coaching you give reps, even when you’re not around. It encourages collaboration with prospects – a methodology endorsed by top sales experts. Thanks to meaningful progress indicators, you’ll know which deals are showing promise and which aren’t; SmartFunnel lets everyone look objectively at opportunities instead of chasing them all.

Oversee the process, know when personal coaching is needed.

Zoom between the funnel for a single sales rep or your whole team. Decentralized teams can see data just for reps in their division or region. Spot stalling deals or those slanted against you, so you can intervene quickly.

Layers of Management

A coaching tool that instills Collaboration Selling.

SmartFunnel is designed to influence salespeople to be proactive and work collaboratively with their prospect; it rewards evidence of objective buyer engagement by raising the scoring on the deal. Reps can clearly see the payoff of a collaborative approach.

Manager Leading a Team

SmartFunnel’s visual dashboard gives a superb leading indicator of coming revenues that’s critical as a forward-looking management tool. Once deals accumulate, its reports reveal trends between projected sales vs. past actuals. Managers can become leaders who can coach their sales team using insights gleaned from SmartFunnel’s information.

Formalize the Sales Actions that drive Buyer Actions

SmartFunnel gives managers insight on how deals are progressing by calculating a weighted value on every deal according to actions taken by the buyer, not the seller (e.g. whether work on the buyer’s internal proposal has been done or not, whether the buyer’s plan for adopting the product has been secured). This snapshot of customer buying intentions helps a single rep evaluate a single deal, but it’s even more useful for their managers – the roll-up of progress value of all deals across a sales team is a superb leading indicator of revenues.

SmartFunnel helps you understand which deals meet your criteria as high-quality, “real” opportunities. Get actionable data by drilling down, for example, to view late stage deals (near their expected ‘sign dates’), deals at a certain stage or that are due to close around the same time. Be able to select those opportunities that are in your sweet spot and solidify your funnel with only deals you want to pursue.

Get up to speed so you can have ‘coaching conversations’ with reps that get right down to brass tacks. SmartFunnel frees you from administration so you have more time with your team. Get your sales team using SmartFunnel for deal tracking. Whether it’s for revenue forecasting or as a coaching tool, nothing beats SmartFunnel.

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