Customer connections, interactions, plans – and reminders

Your contact records evolve to become easy-to-use customer interaction profiles with SmartFunnel. Conversation touch points – emails, Files, Notes and dated Action items are organized and very easy to find. Our “heat map” interface makes it easy. By simply touching the colored badges – action plans and interaction history are easy to catch up on!

Contact Interactions

SmartFunnel has faster response time than other Sales Automation/CRM systems, with a technology platform that removes web latency delays – it is a pleasure to use! Also, interaction notes are easy to create, easy to find on our heat map interface, and easy to share among your team.

Sales-centric email Chains.

Finally, avoid the distractions of your inbox! For revenue-centric email history, simply add a bcc for SmartFunnel when you send to a contact. Attached files are saved with the email. Also capture inbound items by simple email server settings.

Build Contact Profiles

Notes, Actions, Reminders

Take notes, decide on “next actions”, and have Reminders appear in your My Week report (which is also sent to you to begin every week). Later you’ll appreciate those reminders, and your team will appreciate being able to share.

Connect Prospects

Click on a Contact email address, and you’ll generate an email, of course. Also, you’ll be asked “Would you like to add a reminder?” Say OK, and your My Week report is populated with that item – which is easy to revise, re-date, or just click when “done”, and you are a step closer to revenue growth.

For Sales Professionals, Managers, and Business Owners

Compared to spreadsheets, SmartFunnel is way more effective, extending the power of a simple contact list by attaching email chains, files, notes and dated action items that can be found speedily. Compared to other sales automation systems, SmartFunnel provides speed and simplicity that is unmatched, as well as a more cost-effective pricing approach.

For small companies, and owner-operated service businesses, SmartFunnel provides a breath of fresh air as a sales engagement tool kit. It helps you select those opportunities that are in your sweet spot, and solidify your revenue funnel with timely sales engagement.

Get your team using SmartFunnel for contact management, sales actions and timing of followups. Whether it’s for funnel progress or as a coaching tool, nothing beats SmartFunnel.

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