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Businesses like yours have big growth plans – and yet, as you grow, there is a big challenge to create the growth, and to manage it. You believe that “sales innovation” is required, and need a system to support that belief.

Salespeople need to be easily able to track their opportunities, set high quality account stragies in motion, and follow up in a timely way – with the right sales tools to beat the competition in a tough market – and be motivated and have fun doing it!

Meanwhile, more accurate forecasting is needed, to plan company activities. How much revenue will you have 3 months from now, 6 months from now? How many people can you afford in customer support and operations? When should you do your next hire? What inventory will be needed for manufacturing?

Momenta Systems Inc. provides solutions for B2B sales funnel success – including:

1. Sales process design – the foundation for better customer engagement with their “buy cycle”

2. Sales forecast accuracy – for best planning and use of company resources

3. Sales tools – for maximum selling success and company profit

We specialize in the needs of growth businesses, based on over 15 years of experience in delivering powerful insights to sales teams, financial planners and other team members – helping them build and track sales momentum on a continuous basis.

Our past customers have implemented sales management processes based on our design expertise, and can offer testimonials. Just contact us!

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