Louis Guidema

Louis Gudema founder and president of revenue + associates discusses digital marketing technologies and how they can help you grow your B2B sales results with Peter Fillmore, President of Momenta Systems Inc, designers of SmartFunnel.

Key ideas discussed: Behavior of big ticket B2B buyers searching the Internet; role of paid search key words and unpaid discovery; role of persona definitions for buyer and buyer teams; use of tools like SlideShare, Google Analytics, Hubspot; high adoption by software companies – versus very low adoption by non-software companies; great opportunity for non-software companies to establish thought leadership; getting more variety in calls to action; new abilities for constant learning; lead nurturing and selective email followup.

Listen to the discussion.
Louis Gudema & Peter Fillmore
Read a transcript of the discussion.


See link below to the HBR article mentioned by Louis during the conversation.
Blog post written by Louis for the Harvard Business Review.

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