Funnel Management with a “success checklist”, and earned value

Better Funnel Management

Whether you manage sales, delivery, finance or are a company’s CEO, you need visibility on opportunities in the sales pipeline. What you don’t need are hidden opportunities, or inflated forecasts. Managing a sales funnel is tough, and unique to each company and product or service offering. The good news? A “success checklist” can be built in SmartFunnel for your B2B sales, based on your own experience of wins/losses. With SmartFunnel you easily plan and track actions to win each Deal, while providing high level funnel summary reports – in real time.

SmartFunnel has an intuitive click-to-advance interface to monitor earned value, and suggest areas needing attention. Using visual techniques that indicate forward-looking revenue progress on each Deal (gross value, and/or weighted by your customized progress scoring), it gives management a rolled up report they can rely on. The opportunity summary can also be presented in multiple formats – as a Sales Pipeline (6 months) or as a Sales Planning grid (12-36 months).


Know Where You Stand

Deal Stage Progress
Define your Deal types to support progress, step-by-step.

Once SmartFunnel starts logging sales activities, it analyzes and adjusts the earned value the deal represents. Every update you make that takes a deal further along through the stages, the deal’s value grows.

StageDef for Deal Types

Your business – your success plans – your custom stages.

Define your “success checklist” as stage definitions for each of your Deal types. Both stages and sub-stages can be customized – and updated in minutes.

Know Where You Are Going

Other departments get view into sales forecasting

Generate a leading indicator with dashboard trend lines.

SmartFunnel’s dashboard includes trend lines on gross funnel value, alongside the weighted funnel value (“earned value”). These trends are leading indicators of a sales rise or fall.

Sales Forecast Chart

Have confidence in forward-looking projections.

SmartFunnel gives executives dashboard reports that help with forward planning. Have more confidence in revenue forecasting, while replacing spreadsheets and big headaches trying to roll up sales data.

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