Early Adoption Expertise – for Startups

Do you live in a startup garage? We have been there, done that, and earned the insights to help with new companies, new products, and new markets. Here are some areas where we can help.

Market Strategy: Assess and Update
Is your business based on a new category, or a new product in an existing category? What is the stage of market maturity, and how do you plan a successful transition from invention to traction? We bring deep expertise in technology adoption lifecycles, helping your team identify the best market opportunity, and how to tackle it.

Investor presentation
The story you have for investors needs careful documentation, and we can help you build the presentation slide decks, one-pagers, and lean opportunity statements you need for investor meetings.

Team building
Skills of many types are needed, yet funding is limited. The timing and sequencing of bringing in talent raises a set of tough questions. We can help you find the answers, and find the people power you need in a timely fashion.

Market/product fit validation
An independent point of view can be valuable, and we can help you approach buyers and partners to gain your first sales. This helps you confirm or correct the “offer” you have planned, to support a compelling value proposition for the buyers.

Partners and revenue ramp design
With great market targeting and a great product, you may still need partners, sales channels and sales tools. We can design the process and tools for you and your partners. If you need help, we’re there for you.

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