Connect with Prospects and Create Opportunities

See Relationships Evolve from Leads to Qualified – to Closed Deals

Create prospect and customer profiles with SmartFunnel. Your touch points – Contact emails, Files, Notes and dated Action items are organized and very easy to find for prospects and buyers. Simply touch the blue circles – your interaction history is easy to catch up on!

Contact Interactions

SmartFunnel lets you point and click for all the important touch points of each Prospect and Customer. Interactions are easy to capture, easy to find, easy to share among your team. Status, tags and filters help you focus and organize your work for each sales day. And, SmartFunnel has faster response time than other Sales Automation/CRM systems, with a technology platform that removes web latency delays – it is a pleasure to use!

Sales-centric mail storage.

Finally, avoid the distractions of your inbox! For sales-centric email history, simply add a bcc for SmartFunnel when you send to selected contacts.  Inbound items from those contacts are also saved by setting your email server to copy SmartFunnel.

Build Contact Profiles

Notes and Next Actions.

Take notes, decide on “next actions”, and have more success with that person or opportunity. Weeks from now you’ll appreciate those reminders on your sales calendar, and your team will appreciate being able to share this information.

Connect Prospects

SmartFunnel’s visual dashboard gives a superb leading indicator of coming revenues that’s critical as a forward-looking management tool. Once deals accumulate, its reports reveal trends between projected sales vs. past actuals. Managers can become leaders who can coach their sales team using insights gleaned from SmartFunnel’s information.

Formalize the Sales Actions that drive Buyer Actions

SmartFunnel gives managers insight on how deals are progressing by calculating a weighted value on every deal according to actions taken by the buyer, not the seller (e.g. whether work on the buyer’s internal proposal has been done or not, whether the buyer’s plan for adopting the product has been secured). This snapshot of customer buying intentions helps a single rep evaluate a single deal, but it’s even more useful for their managers – the roll-up of progress value of all deals across a sales team is a superb leading indicator of revenues.

SmartFunnel helps you understand which deals meet your criteria as high-quality, “real” opportunities. Be able to select those opportunities that are in your sweet spot and solidify your funnel with only deals you want to pursue.

Get your sales team using SmartFunnel for lead tracking and deal progress tracking. Whether it’s for revenue forecasting or as a coaching tool, nothing beats SmartFunnel.

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