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SmartFunnel® was designed by Momenta Systems Inc., a company founded to help B2B sales managers, sales people and senior executives in businesses selling technical products. Their common goals are to achieve revenue targets, be profitable, and forecast order levels accurately. “Sales” is a big deal for a small company, in fact it is the life-blood of the company.

And selling is something we know – very intimately. Our founders worked for many years as sales people, and in business development or marketing roles, doing everything from lead generation to selling to order fulfillment – mostly in corporate sales, and often on the road visiting prospects near and far. We eventually earned the right to help other companies learn how to sell better, in consulting and coaching roles.

Sales, forecasting and revenue generation are topics we understand.

Along the way we saw certain patterns of how sales people organize their approach to an opportunity, and how their progress is followed by the whole company, in order to plan how scarce resources are to be used. Commonly, people with sales funnels have the majority of their opportunities late, or stalled. The “Product” may be blamed. Understandably, popular products and popular product categories seem easier to sell. Yet, amazingly, companies with popular products often do poorly in creating profits. Deals are discounted in order to close within a time deadline, and we asked ourselves “why?”

So the small business leader can be faced with multiple sales challenges – inadequate win rates, late closing of key deals, weak profit margins, and poor forecast accuracy. These 4 problems, it turns out, all have the same origin – a weak sales process.

Computers and information systems can help sales people – so when we worked with companies that employed sales automation software such as ACT and Goldmine, we were astonished to find that the CRM software did not help sales people sell – not at all. In fact, sales people see the software tool as a burden. At best, it can give sales users access to company information systems. However, sales team members often say “the system treats me as a data entry clerk”. Examples include entry of prospect names, addresses and contact information, and forecast updates in the form of unfounded bald estimates on “what is our % probability of winning this Deal?”

So we spent 12 years designing funnel management solutions using Excel for sales progress rollups and funnel value tracking, collaborating with sales force automation software, and delivering outstanding results – bigger orders, better margins, and much more accurate forecasting.

Our vision now is simple. We deliver a better system solution for generating sales revenues – to help our customers at the deal level for more revenue, at the territory level for better time usage, and at the company level for much more accurate forecasting. We apply maximum expertise to “sales funnel management”, to help our customers enjoy a growing, highly profitable business.

SmartFunnel 2.0 is the result.

The SmartFunnel 2.0 system is built for sales innovators – executives, sales people, and business leaders. It embeds a 1st class buyer engagement model, a first class progress scoring model, and many other features, giving the sales team a new power to make their sales funnel sizzle.

For more information contact:   support [at] smartfunnel [dot] com

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