Announcing our Webinar Series on Collaboration Selling

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We at SmartFunnel believe strongly in improving how companies sell. To equip executive teams with the framework needed to improve performance, we will be hosting a series of webinars. This trio of webinars will focus on Collaboration Selling™, our methodology for better (insight-based) sales dialog that saves time, makes coaching easier for sales leaders, increases sales and enables more accurate Sales forecasting.

Our first webinar on April 2 is “Speeding Up Sales: How collaboration is the key to shorter sales cycles and more revenue.” This session will explain how to engage in your buyer’s internal discussions to win more often, closing the sale in less time.

On May 7, we will present “The Odd Couple: Sales & the CEO”.  How to involve the C-Suite so you’re not the only one responsible for revenue. Learn how these two roles can come to trust in each other.



In June, our “Fixing the Sales Forecast” webinar will expose the inertial forces in your company that oppose accurate forecasting. Learn to forecast based on Deal maturity of customer decision elements.


All three webinars will be hosted by SmartFunnel founder Peter Fillmore, who has helped many sales teams overcome the challenges of managing and forecasting sales opportunities.


Contact us today for access to recorded versions of these webinars.

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